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Nutra-Life Cranbiotic


60 capsules

RRP: $47.40

Save 31% ($14.60)


RRP: $47.40

Save 31% ($14.60)


RRP: $47.40

Save 31% ($14.60)

Nutra-Life Cranbiotic plus probiotica helps the body to protect itself against the discomfort of bladder infections (cystitis) and lower urinary tract infections (UTIs). It reduces the frequency of recurring bladder and urinary tract infections by supporting healthy bladder and urinary tract function. It helps to mask urinary odour during incontinence and supports overall intestinal function and immune health.

Key and unique features:

  • Unique, convenient combination of Cran-Max® cranberry extract and Probiotica P3 (3 acid-resistant strains of probiotics), which has been scientifically studied to be beneficial for urinary tract and intestinal health
  • Contains Cran-Max®, a high-potency cranberry extract, at a scientifically researched dose
  • the equivalent of 17g of fresh cranberries in every capsule), to help prevent the recurrence of cystitis and UTIs
  • Cran-Max® has been shown to discourage harmful bacteria from clinging to the bladder wall,
  • which reduces the likelihood of infection
  • No refrigeration required (shelf-stable) – ideal to keep with you while on the go and supports customers who are taking antibiotics

How do cranberries help to maintain urinary tract health?

Cranberries are small, red berries that have a long history of use amongst Native Americans both as food, and as a powerful ally against urinary tract infections.

Today, research shows that cranberry’s ability to support bladder and urinary tract health is due, at least in part, to proanthocyanidins – antioxidant compounds that attach to the “hairs” of harmful bacteria. This prevents the bacteria from implanting into the bladder wall, thus reducing the likelihood of infection. Cranberry’s astringent and diuretic properties also help to tone the urinary tract walls, encouraging natural urine production and flow, which helps flush out these bacteria.

Finally, cranberry’s deodorising properties can help to mask the unpleasant urine odours associated with UTIs and incontinence, especially in the elderly.

What is Cran-Max®, and how does it differ from other cranberry extracts?

Cran-Max® is an extensively-researched cranberry extract made from the entire fruit, skin and juice of the berry, so it is more potent than extracts made only from the juice. It is produced using patented technology that protects the fragile bioactive compounds in the extract from the harsh acidity of the stomach, which helps to ensure that they actually reach the “site of action” in the bladder.


Recommended Adults Dosage:

Take 2 capsules daily with a meal, preferably with a full glass of water, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

For best results, drink plenty of water each day. If symptoms persist, seek medical advice.

This product is shelf-stable - This product does not require refrigeration – read about our Heat Sensitive Product Policy here.


Precautions and contra-indications:

  • Always read the label; take only as directed; and if pain, irritation or other symptoms persist for longer than 48 hours, consult a healthcare professional.
  • Note: Blood in the urine demands IMMEDIATE medical attention.
  • Consult your doctor if you take Warfarin or other blood-thinning medications, as Cranberry may increase the blood thinning effects of these medications.
  • Do not use this product if you have a history of oxalate urinary stones.
  • If you have a previous or current kidney disease, use this product under medical supervision only.
  • Nutra-Life Cranbiotic is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding at the recommended dose

 Each Capsule Provides:   

 CRAN-MAX® Vaccinium macrocarpon (CRANBERRY) fruit extract 500mg
  Equiv. to fresh fruit 17g
 Proprietary Probiotica P3 blend of 0.5 billion CFU from:
 Lactobacillus gasseri   0.4 billion CFU
 Bifidobacterium longum  0.05 billion CFU
 Bifidobacterium longum  0.05 billion CFU
 Encapsulating aids 

No Added: Gluten, wheat, dairy products, egg, artificial colours, artificial flavours, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.


Nutra-Life Info
Having a proudly maintained quality assurance for over 30 years, Nutra-Life now operates from a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified manufacturing facility, purpose-built to meet exacting standards. This ensures you are receiving a premium product that has been carefully tested to ensure maximum health benefits.

Nutra-Life Benefits
One of our popular brands Nutra-Life produces New Zealand’s number 1 joint & inflammation formula Joint Care. Using scientifically researched blends of Glucosamine sulphate with Chondroitin, Joint Care may help alleviate painful joints. Ester C® is another best seller as it uses a unique formula that enhances the power of the Vitamin C antioxidant, which may boost immunity and repair cells damaged by free radical activity.

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  • 维持健康的膀胱和泌尿道
  • 有助于维持免疫系统和消化健康
  • 在抗生素服用后,可维持健康的肠道菌平衡





Cran-Max®蔓越莓果提取物 500毫克
相当于新鲜美洲蔓越橘 17克
格氏乳杆菌 4亿CFU
两歧双歧杆菌 5千万CFU
长双歧杆菌 5千万CFU







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Re-occurring UTI's Review by
  • star

I am really pleased with this product, as I too was prone to regular UTI infections. It's great for balancing out my gut bacteria and also the cranberry helps fight infections. This is something that I will be using for a long time. Since starting, I haven't had one bladder infection. Extremely pleased!

great product Review by
  • star

I have found this a great product. I used to have a UTI fairly regularly especially if very busy and didn't take enough fluids over a day.
I began taking one tablet each morning and have only had one UTI since.

Urine infection Review by
  • star

My mother had a lot of problem of urine infection. Doctor suggest lot of antibiotics even they give injections of antibiotics but it wont work. Then my mother start D mannose of clinicans. It brings lot of change in her life but when she stop it came back even more sever. She was in deep deperation because of irritation. Then one night i studied about this cranbiotic. It was amazing. Her life changed. Please note i am writting this review for someone else may be because of my review your life will also change :) She also took Homeopathic medicine the name is E Coli its only available in HealthPost Newlynn Auckland store. IT was good as well. But if you have a problem must try this cranbiotic. My mother told me that i should write this review so that my review will help other people as well. May Allah Bless you all

I'm not sure. I bought this product hoping to prevent UTIs. I have been prone to these all my life. I take D-mannose and cranberry as well Review by
  • star

I'm not sure how to review this product yet. It appears to be a very good product and so far I have not had a UTI since I began taking it. I also take Cranberry and D-mannose but when the D-mannose is finished I'll just take the Cranbiotic and Cranberry. I also take a probiotic but will stop these when I have finished them too. In the event that I have only a rare UTI I will review the product again because then I'll feel as though I have taken it for long enough to make a difference, especially as I am post menopause and this is the worst time of life for UTIs especially if you are already prone.

Cranbiotic Review by
  • star

Instead of taking both cranberry tablets and a probiotics, I now just take Cranbiotic, which has the same effect as taking both, but cheaper. I take this on a regular bases when I take antibiotics, as helps and aids my digestive system flushing out the bad bacteria and helps illuminate urine tract infections. I tend to get a lot of urine tract infections and this really does help.

A year ago my daughter was in hospi... Review by
  • star

A year ago my daughter was in hospital suffering with a kidney infection and had frequent UTI's which always lead to antibiotics which cleared up her infection but resulted in thrush which then needed to be treated. It appeared this was going to be an on-going and perhaps life-long problem. She was miserable and depressed but then I discovered d-Mannose and Cranbiotic and it has changed our lives.

6 Item(s)

per page

Product Highlights

Protection against:

  • Bladder infections (cystitis)
  • Lower urinary tract infections (UTIs)


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