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Omega Smart Bites

60 chewable capsules
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Nutra-Life Omega Smart Bites are a high-DHA fish oil formula is made from cold-water fish that are sustainably sourced. The oil is refined using a patented process designed to remove heavy metals and create an ultra-pure oil.

Studies show that DHA and EPA support brain health, healthy nervous system function, and vision. 

When taken regularly, Nutra-Life Omega Smart Bites can help to support your child’s:

  • Normal brain development and function
  • Nutrition for the brain
  • Eye health
This product is Certified Sustainable by The Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS) &/or Friends of the Sea (FOS). 
For more on our Marine Sustainability Policy and our other strict product standards see our Good Ingredients Promise 






每粒美味的香橙口味的咬咬丸提供您儿童350毫克DHA——欧米茄3必要脂肪酸,有助于维持他们的大脑功能和发展。研究显示DHA 有助于维持大脑健康,包括注意力、记忆力和学习力。它还能有助于健康的神经系统功能和视力。


  • 帮助正常的大脑发展和功能
  • 维持儿童的认知功能,包括记忆力、注意力和学习力
  • 有助于维持儿童的眼睛健康






浓缩的Ω-3三甘油酯-鱼 811毫克
相当于DHA(二十二碳六烯酸) 350毫克
相当于EPA(二十碳五烯酸) 73毫克
胶囊包封助剂 、天然香精、色素、人工甜味剂  







  • Derived from seafood.
TAPS NA10322

Children 1-2 Years: Cut off the tail and squeeze capsule contents into milk, juice or cereal every two days.

Children 3+ Years: Chew 1 capsule daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Each Chewable Capsule Provides:

Concentrated Omega-3 triglycerides-fish 811mg
    Equiv. DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) 383mg
    Equiv. EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) 89.7mg
Sugar 0g 

Also Contains: Encapsulating aids, natural flavour, colour, artificial sweetener, antioxidant, sucralose. 

Formulated Without: Gluten, wheat, dairy products, egg, corn or artificial flavours.

  • Supporting children’s normal brain development and function
  • Nutrition for the brain
  • Supporting eye health


4 out of 5
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5th Dec 2019
I won't buy again
5th Dec 2019
I won\'t buy these again as I missed the fact they have artificial sweetener in them, which I try to avoid. Also, they are very large and awkward for my youngest to eat. The shell holding the oil is very firm and does not break down easily when chewed.

30th Nov 2017
Great product
30th Nov 2017
My children happily eat these. The youngest is a bit messy and has got some of the liquid on her clothes once or twice. When it dries in it absolutely stinks and takes a few washes to get the smell out. No issues with the thick casing, my children are 2 and 4. Haven't found another product with such high levels of EPA and DHA per capsule.

RGL Mama
1st Feb 2017
Boys happily squirt them but chewy outter not liked
1st Feb 2017
These omega smart bites have good daily intake amount of omega in them. Our boys love the fish shape the bites are made as. However the chewable outer didn't go down well with them. It is very chewy! But both boys (4) and (7) are more than happy to cut of the tail and have "who can squeeze it all into their mouth first" competitions. The actual oil goes down well with no after taste complaints.

7th Sep 2014
Highest DHA content for money
7th Sep 2014
The bad: these capsules are definitely less delicious than some other brands on the market for kids. It may be an issue getting the kids to take them. The casing is very plasticky and the contents very oily - not fishy, but the texture is oily, unlike some others that have been processed to be quite creamy. Tip: the casing is like plastic at first but if you keep chewing at it, it releases a fruity aroma that leaves a pleasant aftertaste, that you'd miss out on if you spit out the casing or squirt out the oil. The good: the DHA contents, and that's the important stuff, is much higher than in most products, and as such the product is very good value for money. The DHA content is in fact higher than in some adult Omega 3 products, so I chew these as well as my kids.

19th Mar 2014
The only fish bites I could find th...
19th Mar 2014
The only fish bites I could find that are tasty, and that contain good amounts of both DHA and EPA. Must add that HealthPost never fail to deliver when it comes to great prices, knowledgeable staff and getting my order to Auckland the day after I have placed it.

18th Dec 2013
Unfortunately both my kids had one ...
18th Dec 2013
Unfortunately both my kids had one & spat them out. Said they were gross so I wont be buying them again.

10th Dec 2013
I think these are great! Our 3 year...
10th Dec 2013
I think these are great! Our 3 year old thinks they are yummy and willingly takes them. He's not so fond of the casing but I cut the end of the tail off and either squirt it into his mouth or onto a spoon. We really notice a difference in his concentration and temperament when he goes off them and have decided we shouldn't run out!

28th Nov 2013
I tasted one and thought Mr3 would ...
28th Nov 2013
I tasted one and thought Mr3 would hate it, the butterscotch oil bursts in the mouth then you spit out the casing. But I was suprised when he actually liked it! I'll be getting more.

1st Jun 2013
I am a great believer of giving you...
1st Jun 2013
I am a great believer of giving young kids fish oil. My grandaughter has been on it since she was three. As she has got older finding it in a form she would take was a challenge and Smart Bites solved the problem. They help her with fucus and concentration. I have noticed when she is off them her attention jumps around and she can't settle to do her school work. I soon order more.
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