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Ashwagandha Instant Calm

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Radiance Ashwagandha Instant Calm is a potent blend of three nervous system herbs shown to help support a healthy calm response to stressful situations, in a great tasting, convenient, mint flavoured spray.
Ashwagandha is the perfect herbal helper during periods of stress and anxiety as it is shown to help support a healthy physiological response to stressors. In addition, ashwagandha is considered to support healthy mental clarity and memory, which may be of benefit for those doing exams, interviews or public speaking.
Kava is thought to aid in a calm outlook under pressure and also supports healthy muscle relaxation which can be of benefit for those who struggle with muscle discomfort in response to stressful situations. Kava is best taken in small doses in times of nervousness or worry, as it does not affect mental clarity, whereas larger doses may have more of a sedative action.
Lemon Balm is what is called a nervine, this beautiful lemony herb from the mint family supports a calm mind, a harmonious response to stressful times and a calm body.
Radiance Instant Calm brings these three herbs together to provide an easy to use spray to provide support for a healthy stress response during times of acute stress and worry. Perfect for use when doing exams, interviews, public speaking, weddings, meetings or any other period that may induce worry or somatic feelings of nervousness.
  • Contains alcohol.
  • Do not use in children under 12 years of age or if breastfeeding or pregnant.
  • Do not use in conjunction with alcohol, antidepressants or anxiety medication.
  • Always ask your health professional if there are any specific precautions regarding your use of this or any supplement.
  • People on prescription medicines check with your doctor first. May potentiate the effect of hypnotic medicines.
  • Care with driving and operating machinery.
  • People with liver disease should not use this product.

Take: 8 sprays (1ml) under the tongue up to three times per day.
Temporary numbing of the mouth may occur as a natural effect of Kava.

Each 1ml contains:
Ashwagandha extract (equiv. to dry) 267mg
   equiv withanolides 1.33mg
Kava extract (equiv to dry) 267mg
   equiv kavalactones 5.33mg
Lemon Balm extract (equiv to dry) 133mg
Also Contains: Water, glycerine, alcohol, potassium sorbate, peppermint oil spearmint oil. 
  • Convenient spray 
  • Great berry mint flavour
  • Support during times of stress


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27th Dec 2018
Works for me
27th Dec 2018
Yes it is definitely helps me when I remember to use it. Also we have had a lot of thunder storms lately and my dog gets extremely upset for hours and now I find a couple of puffs on the side if his mouth help him to calm down. I don't mind the taste of it as it soon goes, not sure how the dog feels about it but it gives him something else to think about other than the thunder.

13th Dec 2018
Effective but tastes terrible
13th Dec 2018
Tried this today for anxiety and pain. It worked quickly and well except the taste is very strong and unpleasant plus very numb mouth for awhile and I certainly couldn't do more than 4 sprays. great that it worked though :)

5th Feb 2018
Great stuff!
5th Feb 2018
Does what it says on the packet! Very handy for steadying nerves before a presentation.

30th Jan 2018
It really works!
30th Jan 2018
I'm busy planning my wedding in March and sometimes getting really stressed out. This spray has been a life saver, you can feel it working straight away and I won't be without it!

23rd Dec 2017
Tastes Terrible
23rd Dec 2017
I don't like leaving negative reviews, but this product has such an awful taste I couldn't take the recommended dose of 8 sprays under the tongue. I sprayed once, then again but it burnt my mouth and tasted so bad I couldn't bring myself to do the rest. I think it's the Ashwagandha, I had an adrenal fatigue formula that also contained it and it had a similar taste. The taste of it is like absinthe. Will have to throw this away which is a real shame, I had high hopes that this product would help with my anxiety.
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