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  • Worse sleep than if I had taken nothing


    Unfortunately this has the opposite affect on me, and I had a much worse sleep than if I had just taken nothing. This is my second time trying these as I had forgotten about trying them in the past with no luck. Exact same this time though, I found it harder to fall asleep, couldn’t stay asleep, and woke with all blankets and sheets pulled off the bed, so no restful sleep in between periods of waking either. Also found the magnesium in this quite a lot more irritating than the clinicians magnesium I take regularly at a much lighter dose. I didn’t take my regular magnesium with this so as to avoid double ups, and still had issues, starting partway through the night. I also found that I felt very anxious each time I woke, probably because my mind didn’t shut down at any point, and had to take my anxiety meds which I usually avoid as much as possible first thing in the morning to try and calm down. Maybe this is just not the best option for people not sleeping due to anxiety or stress.



  • Huge improvement


    When I decided to purchase these it was as a last resort because I had recently tried antidepressants and found they made me feel worse. These have helped me be able to function normally in everyday life where before I was too depressed to do much apart from watch Netflix and cry. It is amazing to feel again and to be able to smile and laugh genuinely. These should be the first option before antidepressants in my opinion.



  • Quick acting and safe


    Being sublingual, these drops take effect pretty quickly after a few days of use (for me). Most importantly, they are methyl not cyno based, so you won't get any kind of poisoning (don't really understand why companies make b12 out of cyanide....). Highly recommended product.



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