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  • Magic potion


    I was feeling so exhausted and irritable. Whether it was because of middle-aged hormones or day to day life or a combination of both I was feeling way off balance. After unsuccessfully trying another adrenal product in tablet form I thought I’d try something different. Thank goodness- I honestly felt better the first day I started taking this. It’s so potent I felt I only needed one dose a day. I feel so much calmer and have regained my perspective. I will definitely purchase again if I start to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Highly recommended.



  • Great product


    This is a fantastic product. With the addition of the L-theanine combined with the herbs, this is a great product for helping me have a sound sleep. I also don't sleep well on long haul flights and recently I actually managed to have a good amount of sleep after taking a couple of capsules. This is also a great product to take the edge off stress during the day, as I feel a lot calmer and am able to deal with stressful situations with a better frame of mind. Highly recommend this product!



  • Favourite product


    I absolutely love this product. I feel it work quickly and can take through the day to support with stress and in the evening to assist healthy sleep. It calms my busy mind and helps me focus. I've taken this for many instances of stress and will continue to rely on it. Great combination of soothing herbs and L-theanine.



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