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Product Reviews

  • Great Product


    I have been using Kiwiherb kids calm for a few years for my son with adhd and anxiety and it is very good. I've found this product to be better for my son for sleeping as it has lemon balm added also which helps keep him asleep throughout the night without sleep walking or talking. Highly Recommended.



  • Fantastic.


    I have been using Bach flower remedies for 30years. I have used it on my hyperactive toddler, and myself trying to cope with him. I have used on pets and plants. I used it a lot when giving up smoking. It really help in the lozenge form while quitting. It is also great in the middle of the night when your brain just won't quit and let you sleep. Magic stuff I always have some around.



  • Did the opposite..


    The absolute worst night we have had with our 2 year old was when we started using sleep drops. We followed the directions but to no avail. It took an hour longer to settle him for bed than usual and within 2 hours were back giving him more drops trying to help him back to sleep, which took another hour. We will keep trying but a few nights in now and no improvement.



Wellness Blog

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