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  • Works for me


    I've had problems with my sinuses for a long time; the doctor thinks it may be an allergy. I've tried so many things natural and finally asked for conventional medication - which didn't work and tasted foul.
    The problem causes me to wake with mucus plugging my throat and choking me very frequently all night, which has led to my whole life feeling as if I am dragging from day to day.
    This was my last, desperate try and I was amazed how quickly it worked.
    It doesn't taste of lemon to me but has a fairly pleasant, almost smoked flavour and is very, very thick which means it's not always easy to take. Maybe I'll experiment with diluting it a little. Also it's supposedly not suitable for diabetics but I'm ignoring that in favour of better sleep which, in my case is better health overall. An excellent product.



  • Totally recommend


    Great product! Helps soooooo much during hay fever/ sinus season! Ensures a good night sleep - phew...



  • Better for wet coughs than dry ones.


    Thick and oily feel takes some getting used to. It tastes like honey with an peppery hot aftertaste that is that seems more suited to adults than kids. We used it for 3 days and haven't seen any less coughing or less irritation. I did think it helped loosen the phlegm a little though - it is coming up a little more frequently and easily. I'd probably recommend this for a wet cough but not a dry one.



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