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Product Reviews

  • Winter is coming!!


    I wouldn't face winter without this product. Pays to start early and build yourself up.



  • I ALWAYS have this in my house!


    This product is simply amazing. I have been using it the last couple of years and am completely sold on it. Last winter, that nasty flu came through our house and I took this religiously, 5 times per day. The other three in my family were knocked out by it and I was in close contact with all of them and yet I was the only one who didn't fall ill. I did have days where I had mild chills so I knew my body was fighting it off but I just kept up the Virogone for about a week - 10 days. I think the key is to use it with regularity. My husband was only having it once or twice a day and he still got sick and was wiped out for a good 2 weeks.
    Anyway, I now will always have a bottle in the house so I can start taking it the minute I feel I am coming down with something.



  • Miracle cure


    Highly recommended for coughs and cold. For me, have kept winter illnesses on short duration, i. e. have completely stopped them after 1-2 days of taking this.



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