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Product Reviews

  • If found a miracle cure for Sinus


    I have an auto immune disease that is non curable, and am on chemo for life. The worse thing was the constant sinus infections which led to ear infections. I started taking Schuessler Tissue salts Combination Q for sinus and so far have been 5 months with NO sinus stuffiness, no ear pain and am now completely clear. No more steroidal sprays or nasal washes. All my specialists have taken note of the salts as they have run tests and my sinus cavities are completely clear. I will be using these salts for the rest of my life. Also love their muscle relaxant for leg cramps due to peripheral neuropathy Mag Phos 8.



  • I have found this product to be really helpful


    I have suffered ongoing allergies food and the environment with ongoing bronchial irritation (sometimes coughing up blood) for years----have found that this product has relieved symptoms and strengthened my whole system.



  • Trying to be fair :-)


    My doctor told me my chronic catarrh was due to sinus problems, so I decided to try this. It hasn't helped at all. However, I don't want to condemn it because if what I have is due to allergies, then maybe this was the wrong thing to try. ..and I'm the one at fault, not the Sinus Nutrient. I suppose as with all things, some will work brilliantly for one patient and fail another - this is even true of conventional medicine.
    Anything is worth a try if you're suffering !



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