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Product Reviews

  • A real saver


    I take one every day first thing in the morning. Has reduced my upset stomachs significantly and improved my confidence



  • Good for chronic loose stools


    My son has IBS and despite intensive dietary interventions, still suffers with frequent loose stools. This probiotic works well to firm things up. I just wish the effect lasted longer, as when he stops taking it the problem returns.



  • Awesome!!


    Have been using a month or so now. Switched from Inner Health when I stumbled across it. My stomach has been great and strangely my dry cracked heels have disappeared??! I’m really impressed and definitely going to keep taking it. I love that it has so many different strains.



Wellness Blog

  • The difference between vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics

    Multi-Vitamins and Minerals A multi-vitamin/mineral is an essential base for most people especially in New Zealand where we have low mineral content in our soil. It’s very unlikely that you are receiving everything you need ...

  • Probiotics for babies

    The genesis of the gut microbiota The digestive system of our little ones (like ours) is home to trillions of gut bacteria with the exact makeup as unique as our fingerprints. These bacteria influence gastrointestinal ...

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