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Indigestion / Dyspepsia Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Probiotics 100 Billion 15 Strain Probiotic


    These worked well after I had been on a long dose of antibiotics



  • Good product


    I’m loving this product so far. It definitely feels like it lines my gut and makes it feel more comfortable. I like the flavour and ease of just being able to add it to water, mix it up and drink it. I also like that it has several gut healing ingredients rather than just the one.



  • Very Powerful


    This product is very powerful. I've suffered from IBS most of my life and was the recommended this Probiotic because of it's bacterial diversity.
    I could only use 1/10th of a capsule per day to start with as any more than that caused too much bad bacteria to die off and made me very nauseous.
    It took a whole year before I could take a whole capsule. This makes it very cost effective.
    It's 18mths since I began the diet and my gut has calmed down incredibly. Very few stomach pains now and no more diarrhoea.
    I tried stopping the Probiotic recently but after a week or two I didn't feel as well as I had been so I started it again and things improved.



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