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Product Reviews

  • Excellent Product


    I get the works! Hot flushes day & night, I was going crazy and it was embarrassing when I was at work with sweat dripping down my face. I cannot live without these tablets, I still sometimes get a hot flush but nothing like before. I totally reccomend trying these NATURAL tablets out. At night time I was dripping and the bed was soaked not any more.



  • Amazing drops!!


    These drops have worked like magic! Tried everything alternative for sleep and hot flushes at night. Been on pharmacy sleeping pills for months.!! I needed a natural solution and these worked within 2 days and only 5 drops under tongue. Taste nice as well. Highly recommend for women that can’t take Valerian as a lot of sleeping products have it in and this product doesn’t.



  • Fantastic product!


    I have been struggling with hot flushes especially with the start of summer, this product is great they are now few and far between and do not seem so aggressive as previously. I now only need to take one a day - highly recommend



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