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Product Reviews

  • These really help gout


    I got these for my husband, now gout is no longer a problem. One a day is a good dose. Will be keeping up the celery for gout.



  • Go Healthy Celery 8,000


    Purchased this product for gout in my husbands hands.
    Has taken a lot of the swelling down and reduced the level of pain.
    No other medication has been able to do this.



  • Daily Salts for Good Health


    I take Kruschen salts daily about half an hour before my breakfast which is the best time to take them.
    You only need a small amount dissolved in 1/2 glass tepid warm water.
    The salts flush out excess acid and neutralises the body functions.
    They have been a tremendous success with my knee joint problems and I now take Kruschen Salts permanently on a regular basis



Wellness Blog

  • Gout Friendly Diet – What Foods to Eat & Avoid with Gout

    Gout is an extremely painful inflammatory condition affecting the joints, most common in men. It affects around 4% of New Zealanders over the age of 20, and is particularly prevalent amongst Maori and Pacific Islanders. ...

  • Thy Gout be Gone: The Healing Power of Cherries

    Throughout history gout seemed to be an affliction that affected the wealthy more than their poorer counterparts, as such it came to be known as “the disease of kings” or more poignantly “rich man’s disease”. ...

  • Gout – What makes it happen?

    Have you experienced painful joint swelling, especially around the big toe? The earliest documented cases of gout were in Egypt in 2600BC and Hippocrates wrote about it in 400BC.  Historically gout has been called “the ...

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