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Product Reviews

  • Very happy with the product!


    I have been trying different natural deodorant options for the past one year. None of them worked out for me, causing itchiness or rash or not stopping odor. Finally I have found the perfect deodorant for me. Just a small pea sized ball spread under arms lasts the whole day with no itch or rash. And the best thing is that I do sweat when I go for long walks or in hot weather but I never smell of sweat. Also the paste dries immediately and does not stick to clothing. Healthpost delivered the item super fast too. Overall a very very happy customer :)



  • Perfect for Pregnancy


    Love the body oil, works absolute wonders on pregnancy stretch marks. Feels and smells amazing! Good price for a product that lasts ages.



  • Amazing product!


    I always used to use supermarket deodorants, but became interested in natural alternatives as a way to cut out nasty chemicals from my beauty/health regime. The first natural deodorant I tried didn't work for me, with the second one breaking me out in a red rash and raw pits. Trying Woohoo! was the best idea I had. I love it, and because it has only a tiny amount of sodium bicarbonate (the ingredient causing the rash using previous natural deodorants), it doesn't irritate my skin so I can use it everyday. At first, sweating was an odd sensation to get used to, as Woohoo! is designed to stop the bacteria that cause BO, not to clog your pores and prevent the body from perspiring, but my body's adjusted and I won't go back to any supermarket alternative. There's no smell, even after a long day at work, and the paste melts into your skin super effectively. Overall, a 10/10!

    Tiana Jade


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