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Product Reviews

  • Love this supplement


    I have found I sleep much better and more soundly taking Go 5-HTP before bed each night. It really works. Highly recommended!



  • Really helps me


    I have been taking this 5htp on and off for over a year. It has really helped me sleep better, easier to fall asleep initially and I stay asleep all night long. Every now and then I feel a bit down and get ‘the blues’, this product also helps me with this. I have found that I need to take a break from taking it every now and then as my body seems to get used to it and it isn’t as effective, but after a month or so off it seems to work as well as it did the first time taking it. I highly recommend this product, it’s helped me so much and I like that it’s natural as opposed to what the doctors may prescribe for similar issues.



  • Love it


    I couldn't do without it. For years I avoided antidepressants when I really shouldn't have. I have depression (presenting differently to what i always thought so i didnt know that was my problem for a long time), anxiety, some paranoia, fatigue, no motivation for anything, lacking energy, excessive stress etc). Then I finally decided to try antidepressants but they had mild negative side effects and they outweighed the minor positive effect they had. So after hearing about St. Johns Wort and 5-htp I decided to stop the meds and try them (giving a few weeks in between which a doctor confirmed was a good idea). I initially started with 1 St. Johns Wort, then built up to 2 . they helped but weren't quite enough so then after a few weeks added one of these 5-htp tablets to the mix. Again this helped a lot but i needed slightly more so after a few months I started taking 2x 5-htp (so all up 4 tablets, two of each med) and i have been taking that ever since. when I ran out I saw a big difference. My depression does not affect me anymore, my anxiety is almost completely gone as is my paranoia and I have heaps more energy, loads more motivation. Prior to taking these, even basic household chores were a massive task and a big deal for me and often get left undone for way too long. But now life is so much better! I'm on top of everything. I'm a much much better mum in every way. I enjoy life. I laugh. I think so much more clearly. Everything is balanced out and I see things so much more clearly and logically.



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