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    Biobalance you do some of the best supplements, please take a look at these containers and change them to something chemically stable

    This is an excellent 5HTP. I notice the difference from other 'good quality' 5 HTPs. However when I opened the container and took the pills it's like ingesting a strong noxious plastic off-gassing smell. I've transferred the pills to a glass container, but they've already absorbed this smell. And no it's not the smell of the pills, it's a very noticeable plastic chemical smell.



  • Helps with sleeping problems


    After several years of waking in the early hours of the morning and not getting back to sleep for ages, most likely menopausal related, 2 capsules of Clinicians 5-HTP and 2 capsules of Radiance Tart Cherry and 1 Magnesium seem to be working well.
    I have tried many supplements and combinations and this is by far the best for me.



  • Has benefits


    Thought I should try these to help with the problem waking up around 1-2am for two hours or more nightly.
    They do send you off to sleep quite well - although this is not my problem.
    I found they didn't really work to keep me asleep but if I took another two when I woke I would go back to sleep.
    MY fit bit showed I did spend a longer period in REM stage .
    Have had better results with Clinicians 5-HTP 2 capsules + Raidiance Tart Cherry 2 caps and 1 magnesium.
    Getting 6-7 hrs sleep most nights and if I stir at 2am I nod off again quickly.



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