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  • Clinicians
    60 capsules


    RRP: AU$42.70

    Save 34% (AU$14.60)

  • Clinicians
    60 capsules, 30 capsules

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Product Reviews

  • Huge improvement


    When I decided to purchase these it was as a last resort because I had recently tried antidepressants and found they made me feel worse. These have helped me be able to function normally in everyday life where before I was too depressed to do much apart from watch Netflix and cry. It is amazing to feel again and to be able to smile and laugh genuinely. These should be the first option before antidepressants in my opinion.



  • Excellent product


    My otherhalf takes these nightly as he suffers from post infection IBS - which gives him shocking insomnia and restless legs. This gets him to sleep, and unless he's eaten something he shouldn't, keeps him asleep. I occasionally use these tablets if I have done a hard workout and am stiff and sore, they allow me to sleep easily and I don't wake up with a crick in my neck. They do give me crazy vivid dreams! But I consider that a bonus ;p



  • My experience


    I have chronic sleep issues and have used this product to help with this. While I find it does help with sleep I also find that I get bad headaches and have very vivid dreams when I take it. I won’t continue with it and hope to find something else for sleep,



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