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Product Reviews

  • Excellent product


    My otherhalf takes these nightly as he suffers from post infection IBS - which gives him shocking insomnia and restless legs. This gets him to sleep, and unless he's eaten something he shouldn't, keeps him asleep. I occasionally use these tablets if I have done a hard workout and am stiff and sore, they allow me to sleep easily and I don't wake up with a crick in my neck. They do give me crazy vivid dreams! But I consider that a bonus ;p



  • My experience


    I have chronic sleep issues and have used this product to help with this. While I find it does help with sleep I also find that I get bad headaches and have very vivid dreams when I take it. I won’t continue with it and hope to find something else for sleep,



  • 5-HTP Manages Stress and keeps me calm


    I’ve been taking 5-HTP for a few years now and Wouldnt want to be without it. Keeps me calm and manages stress, usual day to day stress, nothing major just work and kids and being a busy mum and taking 150mg a day every day makes the days so much more pleasant and definitely sleep better. I do go off it now and then to give my body a rest, to reset it, but usually within a month I’m noticing the change without and I’m ordering more!! Fantastic product.



Wellness Blog

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    Out of Africa While we may all be ‘the same’ on the inside, these insides of ours have many different ways of letting us know when something is out-of-balance with our biochemistry.  For instance, if ...

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