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Product Reviews

  • Love it


    I love this, my nails are longer than they have been in years, my skin is glowing and I am having less tummy issues than I have in years. Just purchasing my third container



  • Not for me


    This product is probably good for other people, but it didn't work for me. When I started taking this product I had muscle pains including the muscles inside my eyes, I became sensitive with the lights and was feeling weak.

    I stopped taking it and feeling better straight away, like I said the product probably good for others but not for me. You don't know until you try it, so if you feeling the same after you've taken it for atleast a week, just discontinue.



  • Great research behind them and not too bad to swallow tabs


    I've only recently bought these and emailed Neocell directly asking about the source of the bovine collagen as couldn't find enough info about it. For those who perhaps had some doubts, hope this helps ...

    "Our Collagen Types 1&3 are sourced from pharmaceutical and food grade bovine hide. The cows that we use are ethically raised, grass-fed, free of artificial hormones, and are non-GMO. Our cows mainly come from the USA, Europe, and South America.
    We do test all of our products for heavy metals, as well as residues of pesticides, veterinary products, antibiotics, prohibited substances, and other food contaminants such as dioxins, PCB, and mycotoxins. All of these levels are either nonexistent or well within US and European standards.
    There is no risk of contracting Mad Cow Disease from our products. The collagen itself is extracted from the skin of the cow. U.S. and European experts from the USFDA and the European Food Safety Authority have declared hydrolyzed collagen as a safe end product regarding BSE (Mad Cow Disease) risk. Additionally, considering that there are no Specific Risk Materials used in the collagen manufacturing process, the animals used are documented to be healthy and from non-B.S.E. affected sources. The collagen is manufactured by taking the hide raw materials and going through a process of enzyme hydrolysis, hot water extraction, filtration, deionization at various pH’s, sterilization via flash heating and flash cooling, and finally flash spray drying".

    As to swallowing the large tablets easily, I find it easier to throw the 3 tabs in my mouth all at once and then drink a large glass of water with it. I tried taking them individually but found by the third tablet I was gagging on them.



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