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Elderberry (Sambucus) Specials

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Product Reviews

  • Excellent product but can be expensive


    As someone with a loweted immune system I take 2 capsules a day as a maintenance dose and find this product to be really good. My partner also takes it only when feeling a sore throat coming on and on both occasions by taking 2 capsules and getting a good nights sleep the sore throat has disappeared and they are back to feeling 100% by next morning.

    Because I take 2 per day this product ends up being a bit expensive and I would love to see it in bigger sizes.

    Would recommend!



  • too Much copper


    I obtain sufficient copper from my healthy diet. I am a vegan and eat nuts etc that give me more then enough copper in my diet. When I took this supplement I became violently ill. Test shows I had 128% of copper in my body, which caused the reaction. I suggest you only take this supplement if you have poor diet or sufficient copper in your body.



  • Pricey


    Just bought it for my son after hearing about the wonders of elderflower with immune issues. In retrospect it’s a pricey tonic - 120ml bottle at 10ml/day will only get him through 12 days. I’m not too happy about the fructose content either. I will do some research into other brands containing the active ingredients to see what else is out there



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