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  • great service and prodfuct


    dealt with so efficiently and professionally, really happy with my products thank you so much!!!!



  • Advantages of taking Guarana Ginseng 4000


    I have been taking this product for many years now. Sometimes I take time off just to check how things are without the product. When I start again I notice results within a few days. Mind clarity, extra energy, the ability to last longer at jobs or activities etc. This is the one product that I notice the positive effects almost immediately and is really excellent value for money. Try it, you won't be disappointed. From dedicated user of this product.



  • Couldnt find this product in the shops so very pleased to purchase it here.


    I have had a bottle of guarana capsules in the car for quite a long time, as I sometimes do long solo trips. I had used the last of my capsules to drive from the top of the North Island back to New Plymouth, towing a float with a horse that was difficult to let out for a break, so thanks to several guarana capsules managed to do the whole trip, (including through Auckland) of 760kms in one go, without feeling tired at all. I did also have 2-3 coffees as well, but felt totally confident and alert at all times. I have recently repeated the trip, and to my dismay couldnt find guarana in the supermarket or chemist, so was delighted to be able to purchase it online before the 2nd trip. It would also be a great product to take before herd tests and other episodes of high concentration, without any side effects. I could have bought energy cans but who wants all that sugar and other rubbish as well?



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