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Product Reviews

  • Takes away all knee pain within an hour


    This product is a miracle.
    I read an article about Milk Thistle just being discovered as a miracle cure for knee pain.....So I got some. Well, withing the first hour of taking just one, I noticed my knee pain hwas greatly reduced...So I ve been taking one a day ever since..then ordered some more.
    I had to do some down on my knees work after the first week of taking one a day...and then I had to laugh..because there I was kneeling down directly onto my wooden deck and no pain...I could actually do it.
    Theres nothing on the label about Milk Thistle being a miracle fast fix for knee pain..well not yet. I reckon they will get round to adding it on there one day.
    So theres a real miracle bonus when choosing Milk Thistle..not only do you get the liver detox..you lose your knee pain as well. Its amazing to witness.
    Give it a try...this GO brand one.
    I do believe in miracles.



  • Excellent product


    My husband and I have both been taking one capsule daily for many years and believe this product is invaluable for helping the liver detoxify what goes into our bodies, and to also regenerate new cells.



  • Nutra-life Detox


    I found this product to be outstanding and did an excellent job at detoxing my liver. My doctor was very impressed with the vast improvement in my liver function lab tests results. A very effective excellently priced product.



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