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Product Reviews

  • Proved these tablets work


    Had a low red cell count at my last 'whole blood' donation of 128, then after four weeks of using this product it went up to 143, then another two weeks later up to 156, red cell count checked when tested by blood bank at my 'plasma' donations.



  • Worth trying on an empty stomach


    I have very sensitive digestion and low ferritin since I was a teenager. This is the first iron supplement I have been able to take without any digestive issues (although I did have to build up slowly to taking a full capsule). I took one capsule twice a day for a few months and only had a small rise in ferritin. Then I took the advice of other reviewers and started having it on an empty stomach (no food for 3 hours beforehand) and no food for an hour afterwards. My ferritin is now 30 and I am really happy! Thanks so much to other reviewers for posting this advice. It's made a real difference for me.



  • good, but oh so sweet


    I really find this suits my needs well - except for the sugar rush. I really need to be able to take the 15mls at once in the morning or I forget the other two doses each day if I do 3x5ml, but honestly its so thick and sweet I can really only manage 10mls or my heart starts racing with a massive sugar rush. I also have to laugh when all the harkers herbals say shake well - they are so thick theres no shaking these potions . ;-)



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