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Product Reviews

  • Excellent


    We have been using these for our toddler (who turned 3 in December 2018). We were struggling with tantrums which was down to overtiredness. We are using these morning and night, along with the “tissue salts be calm” tablets and have noticed a massive improvement in her mood and general disposition. She isn’t so agitated and wound up, and seems calmer and easier to reason with. We havnt had as many tantrums! She also likes the flavour and enjoys talking her pills!



  • Muscle Spasms


    I use to have stomach muscle spasms but taking this product has gotten rid of it. Certainly would highly recommend this product to anyone



  • Worse sleep than if I had taken nothing


    Unfortunately this has the opposite affect on me, and I had a much worse sleep than if I had just taken nothing. This is my second time trying these as I had forgotten about trying them in the past with no luck. Exact same this time though, I found it harder to fall asleep, couldn’t stay asleep, and woke with all blankets and sheets pulled off the bed, so no restful sleep in between periods of waking either. Also found the magnesium in this quite a lot more irritating than the clinicians magnesium I take regularly at a much lighter dose. I didn’t take my regular magnesium with this so as to avoid double ups, and still had issues, starting partway through the night. I also found that I felt very anxious each time I woke, probably because my mind didn’t shut down at any point, and had to take my anxiety meds which I usually avoid as much as possible first thing in the morning to try and calm down. Maybe this is just not the best option for people not sleeping due to anxiety or stress.



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