Rotorua-based Streamland are a manufacturer of top-quality natural health products, utilising New Zealand honey. With all processes overseen by the Ministry for Primary Industries, and products UMF certified for potency and purity, Streamland are emerging as a top producer of honey products. HealthPost carries a range of Streamland products, including manuka and other New Zealand bush honeys.

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Founded in 2014, the company has invested heavily in top quality manufacturing processes with a custom built, state of the art factory and independent laboratory testing of every batch, ensuring a premium quality – and great tasting - product.

The New Zealand bush is laden with flora renowned for its health benefits. One of the most famous of all these plants is the manuka tree and the plant is increasingly popular today, and one of the most well-known ways to enjoy its benefits is through the honey made from its abundant flowers.

HealthPost’s range of Streamland products includes a range of UMF certified manuka honey, as well as other honeys including rewarewa, wildflower and thyme, flavoured cranberry and lemon honeys, and molasses.

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