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Healthy Breakfast Foods

Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day, yet for many people it gets overlooked in the rush to get out of the door in the morning. Many people skip the meal altogether, or settle for sugar-laden cereals that lead to blood sugar crashes, fatigue and hunger by mid-morning.

We bring a range of great ideas for a healthy breakfast, including paleo-friendly options, that not only taste great but are high in nutrients and are quick and easy too.

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Healthy Breakfast Info

While many of us may dream of bacon and eggs for breakfast each morning, the reality is that for most of the population a piece of white bread toast or small bowl of high-sugar, low-nutrition cereal is all that’s eaten first thing in the morning. Eating a breakfast that contains good levels of protein, fibre, healthy fats and nutrients is key to maintaining stable blood sugar levels and not suffering the hunger and fatigue that often follows these refined-sugar laden carbohydrate-heavy meals.

Cereals and mueslis that are raw and activated, or simply rich in nuts and seeds and low in refined sugar and grains are an easy, tasty way to get a healthy hit first thing in the morning.

Chia Seeds are a popular addition to a healthy breakfast too.

Product Reviews

  • Delicious


    I recently purchased Pure Delish Choc Nut Nograin-ola... it is super delicious and extremely satisfying



  • Delicious and healthy!


    I really enjoyed this muesli. A light toasting to give it a little crunch and really tasty. Good to see such a healthy alternative to a lot of other breakfast cereals.



  • would only feed it to my kids


    very light like children rice bubbles. I improved it a lot by adding my own sunflower, pumpkin, chia and seeds and chopped dried apricots.

    Like eating lots of rice bubbles. I couldn't enjoy it unless I added pumpkin, sunflower, chia and sesame seeds and chopped dried apricots for a bit of texture and flavour.



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