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Spices are a major part of the cuisine of virtually every culture in the world, adding not only flavour but additional phytonutrients, to meals and turning even the most boring of foods into something daring and delicious. Made from plants, seeds, bark and other substances local to the area, there are thousands of spices employed around the world. Choose healthy spices that can be added to food and used for their health benefits as well as for flavour.

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Spices have been used since the beginning of time – or at least, as long as mankind has been making dinner! - to add flavour to meals and improve the taste profile of everything from vegetables and vegetarian meals to meat and seafood dishes. Alongside this, spices are often also employed for their antimicrobial benefits, particularly in countries with hotter climates, which can help prevent foods from spoiling and keep the consumer safe from food-borne illness. We have a number of delicious spices available,

Try adding nutritional yeast to savoury dishes to impart a cheesy flavour rich in B vitamins, or use Alfred Vogel’s Herbamare as a salted herb seasoning on vegetable dishes. The antioxidant superfood black seed (Nigella/black cumin seed) is a tasty, healthy alternative to black pepper.

Product Reviews

  • Great product!


    I love pepper and this is now my new favourite pepper of all. The black cumin seed has health benefits and I use this product on almost everything I eat. Recommended!



  • Best Turmeric


    I use turmeric every day, it's a vital part of my diet for my over all well-being. Ceres is a great brand, offering pure food from uncontaminated sources.



  • Use instead of pepper


    I cannot tolerate nightshade family foods very well so instead of pepper, I sprinkle Black Cumin Seed on just about everything savoury. Started using is as I have Hashimoto's disease, (autoimmune of thyroid). Have been using it for quite a few months, along with the capsules, and my hair seems to have thickened up a little bit and my nails aren't as ridgy and splitting as they were before so it seems like something is happening.



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