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Chia Seeds

Chia seeds from the Salvia hispanica plant, native to Central America, have been cultivated since ancient times as a nutritious food crop. Chia seed has more Omega 3 and dietary fibre than any other food source. Check out our useful Chia Seeds: The Mayan secret to better health blog article.

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Chia Seeds Info

If you’re looking for a new way to get a boost of nutrients into your daily diet, you might want to take your inspiration from the eating habits of the ancient Aztecs and Mayans who used to eat chia seeds to enhance their energy and endurance.

Chia Seeds Benefits

Providing a concentrated source of protein, essential fatty acids and fibre, chia seeds are considered one of the superfoods. As a superfood chia seed enhances energy and endurance and supply a full range of B vitamins including B17 (laetrile), good levels of calcium, trace minerals and antioxidants.

As a source of complete protein chia seeds contain all the essential amino acids we need. The high Omega 3 content promotes heart health and supports joint function and mobility. The fibre content promotes digestive health, bowel regularity, and balanced weight management.


How to Eat Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are primarily an easily digestible and highly nutritious whole food. They can be eaten raw or sprouted, used in smoothies, mixed into yogurt or porridge, for baking or chia puddings. It's recommended to soak them in water or milk overnight.

Chia Seeds Side Effects

Side effects are rare, but there are cases of allergy to chia seeds and also of bloating and gas from eating too many chia seeds. Chia seeds lower blood pressure so may be contraindicated if you are already hypotensive. Contraindicated if taking blood thinning medication.

Product Reviews

  • Black Chia Seeds


    My husband and I have been using chia seeds for some years now either on muesli or in porridge. Because of the protein in them they help us not to feel too hungry during the morning. I would recommend them to anyone as they are easy to put in anything .



  • Satisfying


    Since adding Chia seeds to my morning smoothie a few months ago, I've noticed I'm not needing any am tea!......a friend commented " that's because Chia swells and give you sustaining energy" For whatever reason I'm satisfied and as long as lunch is around noon I'm doing okay! As a 71yr old who's physically active, I feel BioBalance is offering what its products promote.



  • Love them, have them in smoothies, bliss balls, porridge and puddings. My go to is a spoonful with coconut oil before exercise!


    Love them in everything from smoothies, bliss balls, porridge and puddings! My go to is a spoonful with coconut oil before exercises!



Wellness Blog

  • Easy Peasy Chia Jar

    Chia seeds, the seeds of the plant Salvia hispanica, are native to central and southern Mexico and Guatemala but grows throughout South America as well.  Chia seeds are an ancient super food that has been ...

  • Creamy coconut, chia & date porridge recipe

    Ingredients: 1 cup whole oats 8 dried dates – finely diced 2 tablespoons BioBalance Certified Organic Chia Seeds 1 1/2 cups coconut cream 2 cups water pinch cinnamon pinch nutmeg 1 teaspoon good quality vanilla essence ...

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