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Manuka Honey - Experience the Unique Benefits


Manuka honey has been shown to have powerful antibacterial properties and many other potential health benefits. It can be ingested or applied topically. Browse our huge range of manuka honey below. Not sure which honey to choose or how & when you should take it? Look at our awesome Manuka Honey Guide!

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Manuka Honey Info

Manuka Honey UMF vs MGO ConverterNew Zealand manuka honey is unique in the honey world for its highly stable antibacterial ability, or “UMF” (unique manuka factor). This registered trademark highlights manuka honey’s superior action due to a very robust antiseptic agent that retains its antibacterial properties even after exposure to heat, light and water.

It is this factor that sets manuka honey apart from other honeys, which rely on the less stable “peroxide activity” for their antibacterial value.

Extensive research findings into manuka honey’s many therapeutic benefits reinforce its position, alongside bee pollen, as one of nature’s superfoods.

Manuka Honey Benefits

Manuka honey is a potent antiseptic with proven antimicrobial, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal actions in addition to its famed antibacterial action.

Research shows manuka honey may be beneficial in symptomatic relief from a number of conditions, and it is often used for wound healing and general well-being.

Manuka honey may also encourage the growth of Bifidobacterium probiotic bacteria, indicating a role in digestion.


How to Use Manuka Honey

Manuka honey is a delicious food, full of many nutrients, including amino acids, B Vitamins, and minerals. It can be added into the diet as a daily addition to smoothies, warm drinks, or as a spread.

To soothe a sore throat, try 1/4 tsp straight off the spoon. Manuka honey can be used topically to support wounds and skin conditions too.

Manuka Honey Side Effects

Manuka honey is generally safe to consume or apply. Care may need to be taken by those allergic to bee stings and bee products (anaphylaxis).

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