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MSM Supplements

MSM is an abbreviation for Methylsulfonylmethane, a water soluble nutrient found naturally in food and in all the tissues and fluid of our bodies. MSM benefits the health of all connective tissues including cartilage, ligaments, tendons and blood vessels.

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MSM Info

MSM is a biologically available form of sulphur that provides the raw material for protein and connective tissue synthesis. Normal functioning of the body’s growth and repair mechanisms depends on a good supply of bioavailable sulphur. As we age we are more inclined to become deficient in MSM. Signs of deficiency might include dry flaky skin, dry brittle hair and flaky brittle nails.

MSM Benefits

MSM may help support inflammation and joint pain caused by wear and tear by strengthening the integrity and elasticity of connective tissue. It may help accelerate the healing of wounds and fractures, reduce scar tissue and improve blood circulation. By strengthening mucous membranes MSM potentially improves their resistance to allergens, reducing the inflammation and irritation they cause. It is a strong antioxidant, a powerful detoxifier, improves the health of the digestive tract lining and enhances enzyme activity in many biochemical reactions. MSM may be beneficial for osteoarthritis, muscle cramps, musculoskeletal injuries, environmental and food allergies, stomach ulcers, intestinal parasites, chronic indigestion and constipation.

The mineral also helps strengthen hair, skin and nails because sulphur is a vital component of these proteins.

MSM supplements can be taken orally or applied as a lotion to painful or inflamed joints.

MSM Side Effects

Initial and short-term side effects of detoxification may include diarrhoea, skin rash, headache or fatigue. Contraindicated with blood thinning medication.

Product Reviews

  • The next best thing since sliced bread!


    Seriously, since a Pharmacist told me about MSM ( powder or pills ) ten years ago this product has been the most efficacious health supplement I have ever taken. I have arthritis in both knees, hips and wrists ( 35 years as a Nurse/midwife will do that for you!) I am in my mid 60’s with a virtually wrinkle free face that people remark on, not really due to cosmetics or wrinkle creams either, a marked difference from my older siblings. I have recommended this product to many people over the years, it is also highly recommended for endometriosis suffers as well, as it is a very effective anti-inflammatory that the body converts to collagen, so its fabulous for your skin hair and nails.
    My Vegan son, 25 years old is loving it as he is hard out training in Callisthenics and coaches this as well. As this is an all natural and vegan safe product there’s no down side, you can take large amounts with virtually no detrimental side effects ( maybe build up your dose to avoid diarrhea).



  • excellent product and service


    yeah, um..... awesome service with fast delivery, and a quality product that seems to work,and all at an excellent price, this stuff really seems to help with alleviating my joint pain, three thumbs up



  • I am feeling better


    Less pain in my joints



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