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Selenium Supplements

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that is deficient in many New Zealand and Australian farm soils, so the food we grow can lack this necessary element. Selenium slows signs of aging due to oxidative processes and helps maintain tissue elasticity and resilience.

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Selenium Info

Selenium is an essential trace mineral that is deficient in many New Zealand and Australian farm soils, so the food we grow can lack this necessary element. Although found in every cell of our body, selenium is only needed in small amounts. It is a powerful antioxidant preventing damage to intracellular structures, particularly in combination with vitamin E. It is important for optimising immune and thyroid function and supports the liver, counteracting the toxic effect of heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and arsenic. There is evidence that selenium may help to detoxify some metals and other toxins, and has very effective anti-cancer properties.

Selenium Benefits

Selenium may slow signs of aging due to the oxidative processes and help maintain tissue elasticity and resilience. Adequate intake of this essential mineral may even help to protect against serious disease.

Selenium is an essential nutrient in healthy heart function and can help prevent plaquing. It also has an important role in maintaining a healthy sperm count in males. Foetal development, nerve function, visual health, thyroid hormone conversion and coenzyme Q10 production all depend on selenium. Maintaining adequate levels may reduce susceptibility to infections and enhance your immune response.

Selenium Side Effects

Taking high doses over a long period can cause toxicity and increased risk of diabetes.

Product Reviews

  • Selenium. Taken for lung health.


    I bought the selenium mainly for my husband who as emphysema. I believe it has been helpful, because before starting the selenium he had been coughing up sputum, and now he no longer has a cough. I also believe NZ soils are deficient in this mineral and that it is good for the health of the lungs....so it is good to be able to supplement.



  • GO Healthy Go Selenium 150 mcg


    This pill is a nice small veg cap easy to swallow and I think it helps with skin and nails.



  • Seems very good


    After suffering a prostate infection which I was informed will scar the prostate gland a bit even after being cleared up with anti-biotics I decided to try this stuff after reading about how this may reduce the discomfort remaining from what the infection had caused. Was not on it long before the prostate felt 100% normal again so would have to put that great result down to this product doing what it claims to help with.

    C G


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