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Trace Mineral Supplements

Trace minerals are some of the most vital building blocks of our bodies, working alongside vitamins to perform hundreds of functions. Unfortunately though, many of us are seriously deficient in many of the most critical minerals for our health. Trace mineral supplements can help fill the gaps left by our modern diets to bolster levels and support good health.

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Trace Minerals Info

Throughout much of human history, farming has revolved around maintaining the health of the soil. This meant minerals were recycled into the ground and in turn led to us consuming good levels of trace minerals in our diets. These days, monoculture dominates, which has led to severe depletion of minerals in our soil – and thus our food – and many vital trace minerals such as iodine, boron and selenium are naturally lacking in our soil.

As a result, many people have mineral deficiencies, which can have far-reaching consequences for our health, as they are critical for the functioning of every organ in our body. Supplementing with minerals may be of benefit to those who have deficiencies to help fill those gaps.

Our range includes both liquid and capsule forms of various minerals, in combinations and individually, for children and adults alike, to help fill each unique requirement.

Product Reviews

  • Wouldn't be without it


    For me, one a night is great for sleep and I wake up feeling relaxed and raring to go. I take it with a drink bottle instead of a glass - it's easier to swallow.



  • Skybright Iodine liquid


    I have only been using this product for two days and already I see the changes in bowel movements and my energy has increased. I use 3 drops per a glass of juice - beetroot and other various greens. The flavour of the liquid is very pleasant and cannot be tasted. I am so glad I have purchased this product and will be taking this for a lifetime.



  • Makes big difference to well-being but too large to swallow


    I find the full-sized capsule too difficult to swallow so cut each one in half. I have fibromyalgia and have found in the months since taking one half capsule before bed I'm going to sleep better and more often stay asleep longer; have far fewer cramps and my energy levels during the day are much improved. I seem to have fewer fms symptom flare-ups than previously. I'll keep taking it but would much prefer it if the capsule was smaller. thanks



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