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Trace Mineral Supplements

Trace minerals are some of the most vital building blocks of our bodies, working alongside vitamins to perform hundreds of functions. Unfortunately though, many of us are seriously deficient in many of the most critical minerals for our health. Trace mineral supplements can help fill the gaps left by our modern diets to bolster levels and support good health.

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Trace Minerals Info

Throughout much of human history, farming has revolved around maintaining the health of the soil. This meant minerals were recycled into the ground and in turn led to us consuming good levels of trace minerals in our diets. These days, monoculture dominates, which has led to severe depletion of minerals in our soil – and thus our food – and many vital trace minerals such as iodine, boron and selenium are naturally lacking in our soil.

As a result, many people have mineral deficiencies, which can have far-reaching consequences for our health, as they are critical for the functioning of every organ in our body. Supplementing with minerals may be of benefit to those who have deficiencies to help fill those gaps.

Our range includes both liquid and capsule forms of various minerals, in combinations and individually, for children and adults alike, to help fill each unique requirement.

Product Reviews

  • This Brand and tablet are very good, they help with my stiff joints & my Sleep, I can feel it when i have not taken them. Highly recommended.


    Solgar is a very good brand of Vitamins, I take the V2000 Multi Vitamin as well as the Flax Seed Cold Capsules.

    The Chelated Magnisum, I have found to do what it is recommend to do, help joints and to help with sleep, the tablet is not coated with anything and does not have a taste either, so when swallowed, it gets to work straight away. It has 100 tablets in the bottle, and I always look at how many need to be taken a day, as I am not a fan of taking multi-pals of the same Vitamin
    to get the desired portion for your daily allowance. This product fits into my category exactly as I only need to take one a day, I mainly take it at night.

    Highly Recommend



  • Gread for tension relief but not for bowel relief


    I have been using this product for over two months (following on from another magnesium supplement) and I have mixed reviews on this item.
    Good thing is it helped prevent my migraines! Great.
    Bad thing is, it gives my bowels hell, to the point where no fart is trusted.
    Ive decided to seek a less high potency magnesium supplement.



  • Poor


    Find it to be a rather poor quality of iodine. Go Lugols instead



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