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Liquid Magnesium & B6

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T J Clark’s magnesium/B6 is a highly bioavailable and easily assimilated liquid supplement featuring two highly compatible nutrients for optimal magnesium levels.

Magnesium has an impact on many biochemical pathways and is a crucial mineral for the biological processes that sustain human life.

T J Clark’s magnesium/B6 formula has been specifically developed to supplement healthy magnesium levels. 

Magnesium supports the following:

  • Muscular relaxation - to soothe muscle tension and tightness
  • Normal blood pressure and heart health
  • Healthy stress response
  • Relaxation and feelings of calmness
  • Healthy sleep and night time settling

The body naturally loses more magnesium during busy and stressful times; therefore, it is important to have adequate intake.

Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is a co-factor for magnesium uptake and shares many of the biological pathways with magnesium.  B6 is crucial for nervous system and hormonal health.  These two nutrients work together synergistically.

Phytogenic Mineral Catalyst – Our Polyfloramin™ extracts contain up to 72 trace elements for enhanced bioavailability, assimilation and synergy of the active ingredients.


  • Always read the label.
  • use only as directed.
  • If symptoms persist see your health professional.

Adults: Take 1.5 teaspoon (8ml) once or twice daily with food.

Shake well before use. 

Refrigerate after opening. 

Supplement Facts 
Serving size: 1.5 teaspoon (8ml)
Servings per container: 30 

Amount per serving 
Calories 4
Total carbohydrates 1.54g
  Total Sugars 1.54g
  Includes 1.54g Added Sugar 
Sodium 0g
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hcl) 5mg 
Magnesium (Gluconate) 300mg

Other ingredients: Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate. (0.1% to help maintain freshness), Sterilised water, Natural Cane Sugar, Organic Fruit, Punch Flavouring and Colouring. 

Due to natural ingredients, consistency, colour and taste may vary slightly.
  • Highly bioavailable liquid Magnesium and Vitamin B6 formula
  • Two synergistic nutrients crucial for supporting healthy sleep, heart health, nervous system health and muscle comfort
  • Contains up to 72 trace elements for enhanced bioavailability, assimilation and synergy of the active ingredients


5 out of 5
(Out of 16 Total Reviews)
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10th Jun 2018
Life changing.
10th Jun 2018
This has been a life changing supplement for our family. Our son who is 4 has had sleeping, behavioural and muscle pain issues since he started weening to solid food. He has constantly been referred to specialists by his teachers at daycare due to his regular intense outbursts and inability to calm his big emotions. I have started giving him 4 mls of this magnesium b6 supplement before bed in the evening and the effects were almost immediate. He is a completely different boy in everything he does. I would prefer it not to have sugar. But he loves the taste and looks forward to taking it!

30th Nov 2016
Huge difference
30th Nov 2016
My partner has been using this to help with sleep, stress from work & a very busy mind constantly designing products for customers keeps him awake. He has said the Magnesium has made a huge difference to his sleep, so much so he doesn't even hear our little one when she wakes! He has tried other forms, but found this one to be the best.

20th Mar 2016
Sleep Easy
20th Mar 2016
I take a dose of Liquid Magnesium & B6 whenever I can't get to sleep. Often at night my mind is so active and even though I'm tired, I just can't drop off to sleep. It works wonders and has me asleep in a very short time. It's easy to take because it's such a small dose - 8mls, and it tastes okay. I only take it when I need to - not every day, so one bottle lasts a long time which makes it very cost effective.

8th Dec 2015
Good for sleep
8th Dec 2015
This is an updated review. The previous product contained fructose however the formula has changed and the latest bottle now has cane sugar (50/50 fructose/glucose). I like it better than the old one as fructose upsets my gut. The taste is milder and it the liquid seems less viscous. Pleasant tasting and easy to swallow it does help me sleep. I get a deeper sleep with the liposomal magnesium but it makes me groggy. I feel more refreshed with this product and I like the B6 to help the magnesium and enzymatic processes. The mag contains 1 gram carbs per serving so around 12.5 grams per 100 ml of product (I wish they would include sugars in the nutritional breakdown as I am trying to reduce sugar intake).

2nd Nov 2015
Great product except for the fructose
2nd Nov 2015
Works to help me sleep deeper and wake less often however I am highly sensitive to fructose and it causes almost immediate flatulence and gas. I'm also not too keen on having sugar at night time when I want to calm my system. Please replace the fructose with stevia or something else with less sugar. I am unable to continue taking this product due to the high fructose content.

7th May 2015
It's really starting to work!
7th May 2015
Started taking this every morning just under a month ago as a natural approach to help my anxiety, and it's definitely starting to work!! Very happy with the results this earlier on :o)

16th Jan 2015
Revising my previous feedback
16th Jan 2015
I posted a review (negative I'm sorry to say and I am more than happy for you to remove it) about this product some time ago, due to the HFCS ingredient. Since then we have tried many Magnesium products and this is the only one that has given my husband relief from restless legs and helped him relax and sleep. My husband suffers from Parkinsons and as the disease progresses so have the symptoms. This product is a Godsend and is improving his quality of life so HFCS is of little concern now. He will be taking this for life. Thank you HealthPost. We are so grateful for your wonderful products and service.

28th Jul 2013
This stuff seems to relieve my musc...
28th Jul 2013
This stuff seems to relieve my muscle cramps being a Parkinsons Disease suffer. highly recommend

16th May 2013
My husband has parkinson's disease ...
16th May 2013
My husband has parkinson's disease and has trouble with restless legs . His body doesn't absorb nutrients like it used to either. He has trouble taking tablets and finds this liquid form of Magnesium seems to do the trick and it tastes good too.
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