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Nipple Care Cream

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Weleda Nipple Care Cream is a lightly textured, yet rich moisturiser, designed for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This moisturising cream helps to tone nipples in preparation for breastfeeding and provides soothing relief for tender and cracked nipples.

The moisturising properties of aloe vera, marshmallow and natural plant oils soften and care for the nipple, while astringent horsetail and nettle tone and condition the skin. These natural ingredients make it an ideal nipple cream for breastfeeding.

Calendula and chamomile calm, soothe and support the healthy renewal of tender, cracked skin, and rose oil provides a delicate fragrance.

Pregnancy: Throughout the last 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, apply a small amount of cream to the nipple and areola twice daily, to condition the nipples and promote healthy, supple skin in preparation for breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding: After feeding, gently pat the skin dry or allow the breast to air, then apply a small amount of cream to the nipple and areola to moisturise and protect. 

Weleda Nipple Care Cream does not need to be removed before breastfeeding.

Water (Aqua)
Sweet Almond Oil
Sesame Oil
Olive Oil
Yellow Beeswax (Unbleached)
Marigold (Calendula Officinalis)
Lemon Juice
Marshmallow (Athaea Officinalis) Root
Jojoba Oil
Monostearate (Vegetable)
Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense) Herb
Lesser Nettle (Urtica Urens) Herb
Echinacea purpurea whole plant
Sodium Alginate (from seaweed)
Angelica archangelica Root
German Chamomile (Chamomilla Recutita) Flower
Lavendula angustifolia Flower
St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum) Flower
Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) Concentrate
Rose Maroc (Rosa Centifolia) Absolute Oil
Lavender Oil
Styrax Benzoin Gum


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Nicola Rae
4th Jan 2020
4th Jan 2020
My baby was allergic to any lanolin based products. I used this during the first 3 months of breast feeding and found it really good for sore, grazed nipples.

3rd Dec 2019
Not the best
3rd Dec 2019
Unfortunately, as I LOVE all weleda products this one let me down. Which is a first. I had terribly cracked and sore nipples as a first time mum with my newborn. Went to use this but found it was such a thin consistency and would stick to my breastpads so when I took them off it would hurt! It provided no soothing relief. The one I got from the supermarket was my life saver so only used this twice then never again. Really disappointed

26th Apr 2019
Use before Baby is born!
26th Apr 2019
I used this cream during the months of both of my pregnancies to prepare for breast-feeding and found it worked very well for me. The cream has a pleasant smell and nurtures the skin beautifully. The cream doesn't need to be removed before feeding, but I would recommend to use pure lanolin once starting to breast-feed as the taste seems to put some babies of.

14th Feb 2019
Caused bad skin reaction
14th Feb 2019
I used this cream to prepare for my baby’s arrival. After the first day of applying the cream I noticed itching which got worse the following day. Then my skin got really dry, cracked and started to ooze. I stopped applying the cream and the rash cleared up over a few days. I normally trust Weleda products but this one did not work out for me.

9th Jan 2019
Undesirable taste
9th Jan 2019
While I trust that this product is great for nipple care with lovely natural ingredients, my baby (who was instantly a great feeder) did not want to feed at all if I had applied this cream. She seemed to not enjoy the taste of the remnants - in my case, where starting breastfeeding off on the right foot was extremely important to me, I had to ditch this product instantly. A shame, since Weleda is always my go-to brand, but this product just didn't work for us unfortunately.

4th Jan 2018
Excellent product!
4th Jan 2018
i struggled feeding my first baby for the first 6 mths because of sore nipples, after trying every kind of cream and nothing seemed to help. I tried this, and within the first week my nipples healed, and i ended feeding until 12mths old. Just had my 2nd baby, have used this from the beginning, and had no issues! Definitly recommend it!

29th May 2015
Very disappointed with the smell and taste for my newborn baby
29th May 2015
I love Weleda products and used many for when my first daughter (now 4 years old) was a baby, as well as for myself, but I hadn't tried this product. I breastfed my first daughter for 2.5 years, so thought I would only have initial tenderness and pain adjusting back to feeding with my second daughter, but was really struggling in the first couple of weeks with very bad latching causing pain. My Midwife was surprised because my baby had latched on perfectly and fed well when she was born and we initially had no problems. When I thought what had changed, I realised it coincided with starting to use this nipple cream. She asked me if I had tried it myself, which I hadn't. I was shocked when we tried a bit (after all, that was regularly going in my newborn's mouth) and found it to have an unpleasant ointment taste and a strong smell. No wonder my baby was coming on and off the breast when latching and then pulling back from the breast when feeding! I stopped using it and took my Midwife's advice to simply use breast milk left to air dry to help heal sore/cracked nipples and this worked well for both my nipples and breastfeeding. I would not have purchased this product if I had known it had this taste/smell and was upset that I had been giving it to my newborn.

16th Apr 2015
16th Apr 2015
I bought this product "just in case" so glad I did, a few weeks into feeding my nipples started to crack, I applied this cream after each feed & they healed in a couple of days, no more discomfort. I use it at the slightest sign of cracking & it heals in a day. Also it is great that you don't have to wash it off before feeding, last thing you need to remember to do in the early hours! I have also used it for dry patches on her skin, & the fold on her neck when it was a little raw. Highly recommend this product.
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