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Immune System Boosters & Support

The immune system is an elaborate network of cells, tissues, organs and glads all working together to protect the body from pathogens and other ailments of the body. The system is not perfect and relies heavily on adequate nutrition for its proper functioning. Several key elements and nutrients can be obtained from our everyday diet, but some of these are also quite difficult to source solely through food.

Here are some carefully designed immune formulas to help you support your immune system to operate at its optimum.

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Product Reviews

  • I ALWAYS have this in my house!


    This product is simply amazing. I have been using it the last couple of years and am completely sold on it. Last winter, that nasty flu came through our house and I took this religiously, 5 times per day. The other three in my family were knocked out by it and I was in close contact with all of them and yet I was the only one who didn't fall ill. I did have days where I had mild chills so I knew my body was fighting it off but I just kept up the Virogone for about a week - 10 days. I think the key is to use it with regularity. My husband was only having it once or twice a day and he still got sick and was wiped out for a good 2 weeks.
    Anyway, I now will always have a bottle in the house so I can start taking it the minute I feel I am coming down with something.



  • Very Good Chews


    Been giving these for 4 weeks to my one-year-old who just started daycare three days a week. She loves the taste and hasn't had a since cold or virus since starting these chews. The only pitfall is they are a little big for her to have whole (she doesn't have any teeth yet), and they don't break up that well, i.e. they crumble quite a lot.



  • Works every time


    I take these every time I feel a cold starting, scratchy throat or tingly nose. I take 2 per day for up to 3 days and they prevent the cold developing into anything nasty every time. My doubting husband takes them too and they work for him.



Wellness Blog

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