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Natural Deodorant

‘Going natural’ doesn’t mean neglecting the basics with body care. When you use a natural deodorant, you’ll stay fresh and pleasant, while being kinder on your body as well as the environment.

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Natural Deodorant Info

Our skin is designed with an inbuilt cooling system and sweating is an integral part of maintaining an even body temperature. However when bacteria on our skin breaks down our sweat, it causes body odour.

To neutralise the bacteria, regular antiperspirants block your pores from releasing sweat naturally, therefore eliminating interaction with the bacteria. Non-natural deodorants use harsh antibacterial agents to kill off the bacteria on your skin. Either way, both current choices could disrupt the body’s natural processes.

Why not treat your underarms to a more gentle way of managing perspiration? Choose from our variety of natural deodorant sprays, unscented deodorants and deodorant sticks. Don’t forget you can complete your natural personal care routine with natural body wash and body lotion.

Product Reviews

  • Fabulous - really works & no irriation


    This stuff is brilliant. Thank you to the previous reviewer who mentioned sodium bicarb as the likely culprit causing irritation/rash in other natural deodorants I've tried. No problem with the Woohoo Mellow though. I've used it daily for 3 months and it works superbly. Absolutely no odour, even on hot and sticky days and after exercise - and still fresh-smelling in the next morning after applying the previous day, so it lasts a good 24 - 30 hours. Feels very comfortable right away - the paste dries instantly, no stickiness and no marks on clothes. It's quick and simple to apply - maybe 30 seconds longer than a roll-on but works & feels so much better and you know there's nothing harmful in the product. Jar lasts a long time too so good value. And most of all - no irritation/rash at any stage and no odour ever! Highly recommend.



  • Woohoo Urban is fantastic product


    Have been trying this range of deodarants, and for me they beat the others handsdown.
    One tub lasts me months and it's all natural with no nasty's. Plus it works better than other 'natural'
    Have found one application lasts more than 24 hrs.



  • Best natural deodorant I have used


    Not only is the fragrance fantastic for all genders, it is cooling to use. Like natural deodorants, it needs reapplying after exertion, but it's well worth it for the natural, effective elements of it. Out of all the Biologika range, this one is the most effective (I've tried five flavours I think...)



Wellness Blog

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    Most of us use deodorant without thinking twice about what we are putting under our arms. As long as it masks the smell of body odour, we’ll gladly lather whatever type of product on to ...

  • Sensitive and Sensitised Skin

    Navigating the array of beauty and skincare products available can quickly become an expensive case of trial and error for those with sensitive skin conditions. Allergy-prone skin can be aggravated by a variety of ingredients ...

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