Natural Makeup

Whilst many of us are aware of the potential dangers lurking in our skincare products from unsafe chemicals, and as a result turn to natural skincare, it can be harder to avoid these things in our makeup. Thankfully, there is a variety of beautiful cosmetics from a number of companies that are free from nasties.

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As more people turn away from the toxic chemicals that threaten to overwhelm our planet, we increasingly seek out natural alternatives to the everyday products we use in our homes. Sadly, the majority of makeup brands on the market today have the potential to contain dozens of harmful chemicals that find their way into most people’s makeup bags.

New Zealand beauty companies such as Karen Murrell, Living Nature and Antipodes all produce cruelty-free cosmetic ranges with naturally-sourced, non-toxic ingredients that are safer for your skin. Choose from a vibrant range of Karen Murrell lipsticks, or myriad foundations, eye & lip pencils, eye colours and face products from reputable brands, and then take it all off again safely with a natural makeup remover at the end of the day.

With so many effective products available, it is easier than ever to create the look you want without the worry!

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