Paw Paw Skin Care

Pawpaw, or papaya (Carica papaya), is a tropical fruit native to Central America. Ointments and balms made using the fruit have been used traditionally as a multi-purpose remedy for the relief of many kinds of skin ailments. Today these balms are popular for use as lip balm, and as general skin health ointments. Choose from a range of natural, petroleum-free pawpaw products.

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Besides being a popular edible fruit, Pawpaw has numerous health benefits both internal and external thanks to its rich vitamin content – particularly vitamins A and C – and enzymes such as papain.

Famous for its medicinal properties, it is often used as a digestive aid thanks to its high enzyme content. In terms of skin health, pawpaw ointments have traditionally been popular for all manner of skin ailments, inflammation and irritation, and as a first aid ointment for cuts and grazes, and for dry and inflamed skin conditions. However, many of these ointments are petroleum based, often containing more petroleum jelly than pawpaw itself, as well as containing other undesirable chemicals. Thankfully, there are numerous safe products on the market today.

HealthPost has a selection of petroleum-free and organic pawpaw ointments in tube and tub form, and combined with other botanicals.

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