Milk Powder

Did you know the history of milk powder could be traced back to 13th century? Explorer Marco Polo described seeing Kublai Khan soldiers carrying sun-dried milk on their long journeys. Some have named milk the original super food but regardless, we can all enjoy this longer lasting solution to fresh milk.

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Goat milk powder is a convenient, healthy food with prolonged freshness so you can mix whenever you require. Being a great source of extra protein, essential fats and vitamins, goat milk powder is also a tasty alternative to cow’s milk. Goat milk is known to be less allergenic than cow’s milk so could be suitable for those with sensitivities such as bloating, skin rashes or prone to asthma.

Goat milk is easy on your digestive process, because higher levels of short and medium-chain fatty acids are broken down easier, providing fast energy for you.

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