Bee Pollen

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, bee pollen is a naturally nutritious superfood, perfect for supporting healthy energy levels and numerous functions throughout the body. Produced by honey bees, and collected by apiarists, it is available as both capsules and as granules.

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Bee pollen is a naturally nutrient-dense food produced by the honey bee. Bees collect pollen from plants, returning to the hive with ‘baskets’ of it mixed with nectar or other secretions to form sticky balls that go on to produce the food to sustain the colony. These pollen balls are rich in not only vitamins and minerals, but also protein, enzymes, amino acids, bioflavanoids and fatty acids. This makes it a highly bioavailable source of nutrition, which may support healthy immune function, reduce inflammation, support energy levels, and support hormone balance throughout the body.

Bee pollen is also an antioxidant, contains high levels of the vitamin B and protein, and has antimicrobial properties too. Traditionally used to support the body’s allergy response, bee pollen is easy to take, either as capsules or in granules such as BioBalance Bee Pollen, which can be mixed into smoothies, sprinkled over food, or taken straight for a daily nutrition boost.

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