Glutathione is one of the body’s chief antioxidants, critical for maintaining good health. Formed from the amino acids cysteine, glycine and glutamine, it is extremely important for maintaining the health of the liver, and critical for the detoxification of numerous drugs, heavy metals and other substances.

It plays a vital role in the function and health of the immune system, helps protect DNA and regulate cell division, and recycles other antioxidants in the body. As we age, our levels reduce by around 10% per decade. Poor diet, stress, lack of sleep and exposure to environmental toxins also reduce levels.

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Glutathione is crucial for the health of our livers, immune systems and cellular wellbeing, yet for many people levels are less than optimal due to factors such as poor diet, chronic stress or fatigue, exposure to pollutants and heavy metals, or increasing age.

Supplementation with glutathione has traditionally been difficult due to poor absorption, with administration of one of its precursors N-acetyl-cysteine the preferred choice, however the development of liposomal encapsulation technology in recent years has made direct supplementation far more accessible and effective.

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