Grape Seed

Grape seed extracts are derived from the seeds of various species of grape, used for thousands of years for their health benefits and renowned for their antioxidant potential and proanthocyanidin content. Grape seed extracts are available in numerous potencies, in both liquid and capsule form.

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For thousands of years, grapes have been consumed as both food and medicine, with their use dating back to Ancient Greece and Rome, where the leaves, fruit and wine were all used and consumed for myriad therapeutic uses. In modern times, grapes have been equally revered for their nutritional density as well as great flavour, and are now grown around the world for both food and wine.

Grape seed extracts have been touted as a beneficial supplement for everything from supporting healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, to supporting healthy vein function and the cardiovascular system, as well as supporting healthy skin.

The seeds contain high levels of vitamin E, as well as linoleic acid and flavonoids – antioxidant compounds that may support overall good health and wellbeing. Grape seed extracts are available on their own and also alongside a related grape-derived compound, resveratrol, taken from the skins of grapes and also a powerful antioxidant popular for supporting health and energy levels.

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