Floradix products are functional nutritional formulas with a century of experience behind them, made from natural plant sources with high bioavailability of nutrients. From the Original Iron Tonic to newer formulations for supporting magnesium and the wellbeing of children, Floradix products are safe, natural and perfect for those looking to increase their vitality naturally.

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Founded in the early 20th century by Dr Otto Greither, a German doctor with an interest in nutrition and a desire to create a formula to support overall wellbeing, Floradix has been a popular tonic throughout the world for decades.

Floradix Original Formula is an iron-rich nutritional support drink, high in natural yeast and herbal concentrates and containing vitamins B, C, rosehips, kelp and other naturally-sourced nutrients for those seeking to support optimal energy, iron levels and overall vitality. Its liquid form increases bioavailability of nutrients, and improves absorption without the need for breaking down tablets in the digestive tract.

Floradix Magnesium is perfect for those wanting to increase their magnesium intake levels, and Floradix KinderVital is a premium liquid multivitamin tonic for children, providing calcium, vitamin D, C and the B group, sourced from herbal extracts and fruit juices for a natural nutrition burst, perfect for supporting healthy bone and tooth development, concentration and appetite.

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