Diffusers & Vaporisers

Aromatherapy is growing in popularity, with the many health benefits of essential oils becoming more widely known. Investing in a good quality vaporiser or diffuser will enable you to enjoy the benefits of essential oils - the beautiful scents and therapeutic benefits of nature anywhere you please.

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For thousands of years, the fragrant oils of the many herbs and plants that grow around the world have been revered for their health-giving properties, and have been used historically through to the present day not only for the sheer pleasure of their beautiful scents, but in natural skincare, immune support, and the health of virtually every system of the human body. The use of a proper method of dispersal can be highly beneficial to those wanting to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapeutic oils.

Diffusers gently warm the oils without burning them, producing a fine vapour that hangs in the air, suspended over long periods of time and filling a room with fragrance in a much safer way than traditional candle-driven oil burners.

Vapourisers produce a steam vapour by heating water mixed with oils, similar to the vapour created by adding oils to boiling water. Both are great ways to enjoy your essential oils.

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