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Salud ThyRadGard Transdermal Iodine


10ml roll-on

RRP: $20.90

Save 33% ($6.80)


RRP: $20.90

Save 33% ($6.80)

Salud ThyRadGard Transdermal Iodine Roll-On keeps your thyroid levels of Iodine at optimal levels, not only allowing this gland to properly regulate your metabolic rate but also helping to prevent the absorption of the radioactive isotope Iodine 131 when nuclear events/emissions occur.

Comes in an easy no-mess roll-on applicator. Fading colour on skin gives clear indication of deficiency and consequent absorption. 

  • Safe, Perfect Dosage
  • Rapid, Ready Absorption by All
  • Essential to a Host of Bodily Functions
  • Supports Metabolic Rate Regulation
  • Protect Your Thyroid from Radioactive Iodine 131 Absorption when nuclear events/emissions occur
  • Neat, clean roll-on applicator
  • Pleasant scent of organic oil of cinnamon leaf 

SALUD Skintelligence Transdermal Supplements - Health by Osmosis



Apply Iodine to a patch of skin (the soles of the feet absorb the quickest but can be applied anywhere on the body). Let it dry for a few minutes (you might like to dab with a tissue to make sure).

For most people the colour will fade in a few hours.  Continue to reapply until the colour remains for 24 hours.  The body will then have absorbed sufficient Iodine. 

Reapply occasionally to determine your body's need for Iodine at that time. There is no need to worry about overdosing when applying transdermal Iodine as the body will just absorb what it needs.


  • If you are concerned about skin reactions, dilute with purified water before first application.

5% elemental Iodine,  10% potassium Iodide; this is the standard Lugols solution - recognised as the highest quality. Plus Essential oil of organic Cinnamon Oil MH

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  • star

I started using this roll on for approximately 1 month. Then a rash started to occur where ever I put the roll on. The rash would take 3-4 days to disappear. I also developed very itchy skin all over my body. I thought this might be an over dose situation. So I stopped using for some time then started again, and the rash came back immediately. Then when I used a different type of iodine I had no reaction at all! ps, my daughter also had the same rash occur and itchiness.

More information required Review by
  • star

I almost feel like there needs to be more information required about this product. It almost reads as an indication not a supplement. If I hadn't read the reviews I would never have know what it could do for me. Do your research on this one, it's almost a no brainer. NZ soil is not as hight in iodine as it should be, basically we can't actually get the right about of iodine from our food any more - no matter how healthy you eat.
So this is a product you paint on the soles of your feel and your body absorbs it from there, the quicker your body absorbs it, the quicker the colour fades - the quicker it fades the more iodine deficient you are. It's amazing, and even after two days of using it I can see it's going to change my life.
If you're going to take any supplement then make it this one

Absolutely bloody amazing Review by
  • star

Received it this morning. Sceptical. Rolled four lines on each foot. Sat back watched a movie 2 and a bit hours. Lines pretty much disappeared! Have had hyperthyroidism and my body swung itself into hypothyroidism. Have felt like crap for years. My ears aren't muffled in sound, I'm actually alert, I have a clearer mind, I'm more engaged when listening, I actually have motivation or energy. I'm excited for what to expect tomorrow if this is the first day/hours. Have showered and re applied, similar situation. Put one line on sleeping five year old sons foot and it's gone! Going to do the husbands feet Tonight and will be ordering more will be super handy to have on hand and it's easy to use. Dries pretty quickly. No muck or mess. We regularly eat a plethora of different foods all containing natural iodine and I tell ya what, this really is amazing. Cheers salud nz (colloidal silver nz) and thanks for the great service healthpost! I rate this a clear 10 out of 10

Easy Review by
  • star

Such a good wee tester for iodine deficiency.
First time I used it the patch disappeared in 2 hours, after the second week it was disappearing in about 8-10 hours so still a wee bit to go but getting there.
Great little indicator.

Omg absolutely amazing Review by
  • star

This is my daily feel good - I have energy for days! Thank you so much & my friend for recommending.

Warning... Review by
  • star

I purchased this a couple of months ago and have used it as per the directions until the colour doesn't fade. Then 4-5 days later, use it again and so on.
The first few times I put it on the soles of my feet but decided to put it somewhere else due to the cracks in the soles of my feet where the yellow colour stayed, so I put it on the underside of my arms between my elbows and armpits and had no problem whatsoever. I would have put it there about 4 times.
I put it there again last night and it immediately started to sting on my right arm where I put it. I washed the area to take it off and the yellow still stayed.
It was quite sore but not enough keep me awake.
When I woke this morning there was a slightly raised, red scalded area on both arms (worse on the right arm) where I put the Iodine that I would definitely call a burn so I just wanted to mention my experience as a warning and suggest that people rotate the places where they apply it perhaps.
I will continue to use this product and recommend it to anyone but just be aware.

Unbelievable results Review by
  • star

This product is so incredible that I had to post a review. For 2 years now I've been lethargic, almost zombified. My brain felt foggy, my memory was declining and no matter how much sleep I got, it was never restful and I never felt rejuvinated when I awoke. I never had enough energy to do the things I wanted to do and had to sneak in daily naps just to function. Any mental alertness went out the window in the afternoon. I've been on iodine for 3 days now and I'm sold. The results are like night and day.

In the first 24 hours I noticed a drastic change, the mental cloudiness I used to experience disappeared. I was able to stay laser focused even during the dreaded afternoon hours and I remembered everything. I felt like myself for the first time in years and finally felt mentally present. Before I wouldn't get sleepy for bed until 1am but with this, my sleep patterns are normalising and my body sends strong signals for sleep at around 10pm. I wake up feeling energised and refreshed, I can't believe I lived the way I was only at half par, it feels so good to be me again and have the zest and energy for life. This achieved what a ton of iron couldn't because obviously I wasn't addressing my iodine deficiency. I can't praise this enough that I'm getting all my friends onto this. We just accept that life makes us tired and that's how it should be, but it's not. Don't accept that you have to go through life with low energy because you don't have to. Highly recommended, I'm hooked for life.

Interesting results Review by
  • star

I have been testing my Thyroid function for a few weeks now with good results thx

Question to Users of this please?? Does it state how many mgs etc per application you get per serving? Review by
  • star

Ps what an amazing way to see if you are in fact deficient. Ive been told i am but with no convential screening so dont want to overdo it with the lugols drops. Thanks

my iodine fade test was 7hrs-8hrs-10hrs-11hrs-24hrs. after day 5 i had a loverly feeling of well being and unexpectedly my body aches and pains had diminished significantly Review by
  • star

Tests for iodine deficiency ( i put it in my wrist pulse point)
Iodine patch test. This is a quick, rough, simple, inexpensive test. Paint a 5 cm (2 inch) square of iodine tincture (such as Lugol's solution) onto your inner arm or thigh. If the stain disappears or almost disappears:
In less than 5 hours, then you are almost certainly extremely deficient.
In less than 10 hours, then you are probably deficient.
In less than 24 hours, then you may be deficient.
remains or only slightly lightens after 24 hours then your levels are considered normal.
You can repeat this test every couple of weeks to see when your iodine dose can be reduced.

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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Product Highlights

  • Easy to Apply, Highly Absorbable
  • Essential to a Host of Bodily Functions
  • Supports Metabolic Rate Regulation
  • Neat, clean roll-on applicator
  • Pleasant scent of organic oil of cinnamon leaf

Have a read of the Iodine - A Heavy Weight Health Champion blog article and the Kelp, A Radiation Detox article


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