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Arnica Symphytum Comp

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Weleda Arnica/Symphytum Comp helps heal injuries to bone, cartilage, ligaments, and muscles, e.g. sports injuries, sprains, surgery, tendinitis, RSI (OOS), broken bones.

  • Consultation with a health practitioner is advised before using during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
Children 12 to 14 years: Take 10 drops 3 times daily.
Adults: Take 15 drops 3 times daily.

Take for no longer than 6 weeks per year, or as directed by your healthcare professional.
Contains equal parts of:
Allium cepa 3x
Arnica 3x
Ruta graveolens 3x
Symphytum, decoct. 3x

In a water/ethanol base.

Free from synthetic preservatives.


5 out of 5
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13th Feb 2019
Amazing relief
13th Feb 2019
I don't understand how these little drops in water can help but I have had amazing relief with my arthritic knees. I am able to walk 1500 steps a day unaided where before taking them I was lucky to get to 500. I went off them for 6 days, found I needed them. I read only 6 weeks but will talk to my doctor soon and see what he suggests. Down to only taking them twice a day and it seems to work for me.

13th Jun 2018
Seriously good.
13th Jun 2018
This is impressive. It has helped my son's healing process as well as pain - he fractured his radius and ulna one week ago, but the doctor thought it was 3 weeks ago!! Amazing.

2nd Jan 2018
It just works
2nd Jan 2018
The other reviewers here have summed up its uses well - I also have found it particularly effective with soft tissue and muscular issues in my shoulders, joints or neck - also to reduce inflammation and therefore associative pain.

17th Nov 2017
Weleda Arnica Symphytum Comp
17th Nov 2017
This is an excellent product. I would not be without it. Grandchildren have used it and always the bones/ligaments have healed very quickly.

1st Aug 2016
Brilliant bone healer
1st Aug 2016
Brilliant product for bone healing. Used in our family on numerous occasions with the same remarked on results. Doctors always comment on follow-up x-rays how quickly the fracture has healed!

25th Nov 2015
Would buy this again
25th Nov 2015
I bought this for a friend who had torn ligaments in her shoulder, she had tried everything - ligaments can take a long time to heal. This has helped more than anything else and it is definitely improving and healing.

16th Oct 2015
16th Oct 2015
This is wonderful. Both my husband (who is a builder and suffers from aches and pains a bit more now we are both getting older) and I love this stuff. First sign of any muscle or joint pain then we take it and before you know it, the pain is gone. We both wouldn't be without it. It took a bit of convincing to get my husband to try it as he couldn't see how a few drops could make any difference. Once he tried it, he was hooked, now he uses it more than me.

20th Sep 2014
20th Sep 2014
I took the drops for a few days, starting 1 day prior to a tooth extraction and 2 days after the extraction I could eat on that same side already again! the bone healing quality is just amazing!

27th Aug 2013
I used this after I broke my femur ...
27th Aug 2013
I used this after I broke my femur on my left leg. After four months the orthopedics were happy as to how well the bone had started healing. I took a complete bottle over one week at about three months after the accident. They actually said that sometimes someone my age can have difficulty getting the bone to heal. I was 50 when I broke my femur
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