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The Woohoo All Natural Deodorant paste is a healthy, toxin free alternative to anti-perspirant deodorants that will help keep body odour at bay all day long. It's 100% natural, organic, vegan, Australian made and100% cruelty free (tested only on human).

Product Reviews

  • Excellent


    After you get over the idea of having to smear this with your fingers into your armpits, this product works well for me. No stickiness on your fingers afterwards and it smells nice.



  • It smells great too!


    I haven’t yet used this product in the summer heat but so far I am mighty impressed. I work out at the gym am happy to smell my armpits after an hour-long session. I have previously used “industrial grade!” antiperspirants and have felt self-conscious when people have been near me in the gym (even in winter) and on summer days in the office. My body odour has permeated a lot of my clothing. If you think you have smelly armpits and are looking for a solution, give this a go. What have you go to lose (except a week of coffees)?



  • Excellent Product


    I began my journey of using natural deodorants last year. Unfortunately I quickly found out that I reacted with a red rash to all the products containing baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) - i tried many different brands and strengths. This sucked because the ones with baking soda actually work. I tried some with no baking soda and none worked - until this one! I love it, no allergic reaction, doesn’t mark my clothing, goes on easily, and I don’t smell even on a day with vigourous movement. At first using a paste not a roll on can be odd but after a while of rubbing a paste on your pits you grow to enjoy the self care and appreciate your pits more. It doesn’t have a fragrance just a slight earthy note which can take a while to get used to if your switching from strongly scented supermarket deodorants - but I love it and it 100% works.



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